Who we are:
We are an AS commission that serves as a council with the aim to maintain a vibrant community for commuter students, that fosters a connection with on campus life. In this capacity we act as an advocacy voice for all students that live off campus and maintain the commuter community between the different colleges and campus wide.

Our Mission:
The purpose of this Board shall be to serve as a unifying student service for the college commuter associations. The Board shall plan and coordinate all-campus events targeting commuter students. The Board shall also serve as an outreach and advocacy service to improve commuter life on campus. The Board is non-profit.

What We Do
To maintain a community for students that do not live on campus, we put on numerous events that are free for students. These events encourage them to come out of their shell, meet new people, and socialize in a friendly setting.
To advocate for the commuter community, we listen to their concerns and needs, and try to address them as best we can. In addition there are different workshops that we offer through out the year, to the benefit of the commuter community.

How You Can Make An Impact
Make a difference in our campus culture by organizing events for commuters while gaining programming experience and building relationships with other commuter boards, board members, and students!