Applications Now Live!

Hello commuters! Do you want to be the brain baby maker of the awesome free food, fun events and super amazing workshops next year? Want to help create a more inclusive and welcoming community for all commuting students at UCSD? Lucky for you, Accb Ucsd executive board applications are now live! Come apply to our board positions via the links below which include job descriptions!
(ignore deadline dates on website)

Open positions:
– Chair
– Vice Chair
– FInance
– Marketing

Applications open until Sunday June 4th, 2017! We hope we’ll see all of your lovely faces soon!



We are an independent branch of ASUCSD whose purpose is to serve as a unifying student service for the college commuter associations. We serve as an outreach and advocacy service to improve commuter life on campus, and plan and coordinate all-campus events targeting commuter students. While our main purpose is to facilitate a voice for all commuter students, All UCSD students may join our events