We the students of the University of California, San Diego, through democratic participation in our representative body, the All Campus Commuter Board (herein referred to as the ACCB), shall serve as an umbrella organization for each of the individual college commuter associations. The organization will also plan and coordinate all campus events targeting commuter students including but limited to Welcome Week activities and Commuter Appreciation Week. We hereby state the following as the principles of the ACCB:

  • To create a unifying umbrella organization to assist students whom reside off campus in creating community within UCSD.
  • To increase and initiate programming for commuter students at UCSD.
  • To increase representation and advocacy for commuter students in a student government at the individual college council, the Associated Students, and to the Commuter Advisory Board.
  • To provide adequate outreach to all constituents to increase student participation and awareness.
  • To create and maintain a web page to inform commuter students of events both on and off campus geared toward their needs and interests.
  • To create a bi-quarterly newsletter to be distributed to students who reside off-campus in apartment complexes and housing developments in the greater UCSD community.
  • To provide ACCB as an arena in which all commuters may come together to address issues pertinent to commuters, such as, but not limited to: parking, transportation, and off-campus housing concerns.

ACCB has several specific responsibilities as the elected and selected component of the commuter student body. ACCB is the representative voice of the commuter student body and is responsible for:

  • Advocating commuter student opinion of the college, campus, and community issues.
  • Advising administrative committees on matters of policy concerning ACCB.
  • Working in conjunction with student boards and organizations of UCSD.